Woman Goes Out On 2 Dates With Man She’s Never Met, Then He Asks Her To Marry Him

Soulmates: some of us believe in them and others think they’re a complete farce. For one West Monroe, Louisiana couple, there was no questioning what they assumed.

Dennis Hensley met a woman named Rhonda and they hit it off right away. The couple experienced a connection unlike any other.

In the video below, posted on February 14, 2017, Dennis explains, “There was a comfort level. it just seemed — seemed right.”

Rhonda adds, “There was this kind of inner excitement, an inner feeling that anytime when something big in my life has come up, that same feeling is there. Like, this is important.”

Dennis and Rhonda had only been on 2 dates together, when they decided to move things along a lot faster than most people would. The soulmates were going to get married.

After those 2 times getting to know each other, Dennis asked Rhonda to marry him. She said yes.

It may sound crazy, but the couple has been married for over 39 years since the sudden proposal. They share 3 kids, 2 grandchildren, and a ton of memories, all thanks to a quick decision.

Dennis, who is a minister, says, “I believe that God does put people together. I don’t think he lines it out necessarily, but he allows people to come together.”

But are all happily married couples meant to be?

Dr. Trent Langhofer, a marriage and family couselor, states, “Contrary perhaps to popular belief, I don’t feel like there is a soul ‘mate.’ I feel like there’s a soul ‘made.’”

The counselor believes that 2 people’s souls can mold for each other through courtship to become compatible. Although his belief differs from that of Dennis and Rhonda, it doesn’t seem like there is a right or wrong in this situation.

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