They Won’t Let Girls Play On The Basketball Team, So All The Boys Forfeit The Season

A group of students made their parents very happy. They unanimously made a decision to the right thing instead of the easy thing or the fun thing.

Together they made a decision to support each other as a team, instead of reaping the benefits of the alternative.

The basketball team of St. John’s middle school in New Jersey is coed. The school has so few students there aren’t enough kids for two separate teams.

Unfortunately, the Catholic Youth Organization League does not permit coed teams. The team, which has two girls, has been playing together in second grade.

They had played 10 games this season, were in third place in the league, and were on their way to the playoffs. During a game, they were told that if the girls played they would be disqualified.

When asked for a show of hands of who wanted to play as a team: every single one of them raised their hands.

It was unanimous. They decided to stick together and forfeit.

“I was filled with emotion and joy,” Matthew Dohn, a player’s father  told CNN. “They’re only kids but they know what’s important.”

The league thus far has not changed their rules, and the team is still forfeited, but they still continue to play together on their own terms.

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