Rescuers Miraculously Pull Out 4 Dogs Trapped In Home That Was Buried In California Mudslides

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Courtesy of Animal Ark Rescue

Miranda Morrison, a canine behavior and enrichment coordinator at Animal Ark Rescue, thought of a new way to get her favorite shelter dog noticed.

Henry has been at the Animal Ark Rescue for three long years, and Miranda was trying everything to get him adopted.

That’s when she got the bright idea to use the dating app Tinder.

Courtesy of Animal Ark Rescue

Knowing tons of people use Tinder to find dates, Miranda decided to make a profile for Henry in hopes that he would catch the eye of a dog lover. Miranda shared that he’s received 21 matches so far!

Courtesy of Animal Ark Rescue

Miranda added Henry’s age, school, and a biography to attract potential matches.

Courtesy of Animal Ark Rescue

“I like to spend my time on car rides, hikes, or at the river/lake/pool,” his bio stated. “I’d love to meet an active and outdoorsy new best friend to explore with.”

Courtesy of Animal Ark Rescue

Henry loves playing with other dogs and would be a great match for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Courtesy of Animal Ark Rescue

Once people started swiping right on Henry to say they were interested in him, Miranda wrote each person an adorable message in a doggy voice.

As of now, Henry hasn’t found his perfect family, but he’s getting so much attention thanks to Miranda’s great idea.

Courtesy of Animal Ark Rescue

“After a long day, he is content to cuddle up on the couch and watch TV and snuggle with you,” Miranda told Today. “I could go on and on about him.”

Courtesy of f Animal Ark Rescue

Animal Ark Rescue also lets people foster their dogs and take them on field trips. If you or someone you know lives in Georgia and would like to adopt or foster Henry, you can contact Animal Ark Rescue here.

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