Officers Pull Over Man Speeding At 110 MPH, Then Realize Frantic, Pregnant Wife Is In Back Seat

We all know that speeding on the highway is dangerous and can get us into a lot of trouble, but one man California man zooming down the 5 Freeway had a pretty good reason for doing so.

At 8 a.m. on Valentine’s Day, California Highway Patrol officers saw a red car speeding at around 110 mph and quickly flagged the driver down. The officers pulled over the man near Buttonwillow, California, and approached his car.

It was then that they realized why the man was driving so fast.

The man’s wife was in labor and about to give birth. The couple were on their way from the Bay Area to Southern California for a doctor’s appointment, when the wife started experiencing contractions in the car.

According to ABC 23: “Their journey began around 2 a.m. when the mother’s water broke at their home in San Jose. The parents-to-be decided to drive to their preferred hospital in the Los Angeles area when they were stopped by CHP.”

In the video below, posted on February 15, 2017, Officer Adam Taylor explains, “It was obvious that not only was she in labor, she was probably going to be having that baby right there on the side of the highway.”

The patrol officers called the Kern County Fire Department for them to come and help with the emergency situation. The firefighters arrived and Kyle Underwood took control.

Kyle, who successfully delivered the baby boy, says, “They train us well and we’re ready for it to happen and it helps that we’ve done it before.”

The relieved mom and her healthy newborn were rushed to the hospital following the birth, but not before the new dad could snap a selfie with his highway heroes.

The officers made sure to make a quick visit to the hospital, bearing Valentine’s Day gifts for the couple and the bundle of joy they helped bring into the world.

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